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Land, Sea, Air, We get it there

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In LOW COST INTERCARGO LOGISTIC S.A. We are a Logistics Services Company, we transport International Cargo from Nicaragua to any part of the World, handling of Exports and imports in the modality of full and consolidated cargo, via Land, Maritime and Air of large volumes at low costs, providing the peace of mind so that your goods are transported in an agile, safe way, in a timely manner and with competitive rates. As Land, Maritime and Air Logistics Transport Managers, LCI LOGISTIC has more than 12 years of experience as an NVOCC agent for maritime and air cargo, having its greatest strength in cargo volumes and representation contracts of some of the most respectable agents of cargo from Asia, USA, South America and Europe ..., we have become for them the best option to carry their cargo anywhere in the world, given the experience and integration that LCI Logistic has with all its other services, this reiterates our commitments and guarantee that we are your best option to grow your business.

En LOW COST INTERCARGO LOGISTIC S.A. somos una Empresa de Servicios logísticos, transportamos Carga Internacional desde Nicaragua hacia cualquier parte del Mundo, manejo de Exportaciones e importaciones en la modalidad de carga completa y consolidada, vía Terrestre, Marítimo y Aéreo de grandes volúmenes a bajos costos, brindándoles la tranquilidad para que sus mercancías sean transportadas de forma ágil, segura, en tiempo oportuno y con tarifas competitivas. Como Gestores de Transporte Logística Terrestre, Marítima y Aérea, LCI LOGISTIC cuenta con más de 12 años de experiencia como agente NVOCC de carga marítima y aérea, teniendo su mayor fortaleza en los volúmenes de carga y contratos de representación de algunos de los más respetables agentes de carga de Asia, USA, Sur América y Europa…, nos hemos vuelto para ellos la mejor opción para llevar sus cargas a Cualquier parte del mundo, dada la experiencia y la integración con la que cuenta LCI Logistic con todos sus demás servicio, esto reitera nuestro compromisos y garantía en que somos su mejor opción para hacer crecer su negocio.
LOW COST INTERCARGO LOGISTIC S.A. - Land, Sea, Air, We get it there

About us LOW COST INTERCARGO LOGISTIC S.A. is a company with over 12 years of experience in the market. We are a company simultaneously solid and flexible that it has demonstrated to offer throughout the time an excellent quality of service in all the areas. This flexibility allows us to solve rapidly all the requirements of our clients, not remaining in suspended in bureaucratic topics. Our major virtue takes root in being associates of our clients. Your foreign trade of department can outsource all the operations in our Company. You will always find in our staff a knowledgeable speaker to attend your company and the different condition of your international operations. Our solid net of international agents offers tranquility on time information form brings over of the charges in the exterior. We own representatives in the mine countries of the world, including 5 continents of the planet. Working with us, your company will obtain the best relation cost – benefit of the market. In LOW COST INTERCARGO LOGISTIC S.A., you can trust.



To be a recognized international brand where other logistics operators support themselves to serve their customers at a regional level in an economical, agile, and safe way.

Ser una marca internacional reconocida donde otros operadores logísticos se apoyen para atender a su clientes a nivel regional ... Read more


To offer the importer and exporter a cargo transport service with added value through a personalized, honest, agile and responsible treatment, maintaining optimum levels of competitiveness, quality and safety, with excellent delivery times.

Brindar al importador y exportador un servicio de transporte de carga con valor agregado mediante un trato personalizado, honesto, ágil y responsable, manteniendo niveles óptimos de competitividad, calidad y seguridad, con excelentes tiempos de entrega.